MediaRING Yarning Series Interview with Show Me The Way

MediaRING Yarning Series Interview with Show Me The Way


Recently our CEO Chris Maguire and Chair Brendan Littlechild were interviewed by Lowanna Grant from MediaRING. This was one of the MediaRING Yarning Series interviews, working to showcase some of the industry leaders in film and television for First Nations people.

Show Me The Way (SMTW) programs run across Australia supporting First Nations students to be inspired through film production to pursue a higher degree of education. “Connecting young people who are in school currently to pathways into the industry is critical but also presents an amazing opportunity for us to play a part in supporting that as well,” Brendan said. “The opportunity to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ history and cultures to the forefront – there’s so much content that we have and can be developed.”

Chris and Brendan shared new initiatives taken by SMTW during the COVID 19 pandemic, including the development of more regional programs and taking SMTW film collections from DVD to online.

“In the COVID environment it’s tricky because a lot of our program is about face-to-face mentoring,” Chris said. “It’s local programs for a local community, so that’s really important to us, that we’re making sure the education they have being relevant to them.” Show Me The Way has been running programs in regional communities and cities across Australia since 2008.

Ultimately, it is the vision of Show Me The Way to engage young people and young students of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and refugee backgrounds with films that provide inspiration, direction and positive messaging. “What’s really exciting about what we do and how we work together is that students make films that then become resources for other students to appreciate and learn and celebrate culture.”