My Country Your Country – Walgett 2

This is the second in a series of documentary films of First Nations people in Walgett, NSW, made by students from Walgett Community College High School with the support of Show Me The Way.


Daphne Dennis

Learning & Support Teacher 3 – 6, Walgett Community College Primary School
Daphne grew up on Namoi Reserve and went to the primary and high school in Walgett. She enjoys learning about her culture and being on Country. She worked as a classroom teacher for 14 years and now works as a Learning & Support Teacher at Walgett Community College Primary School.


Jason Wilson

Local Engagement Officer, Commonwealth Environmental Water Office
The area he covers in his work is vast. It goes from Wilcannia, across to Charleville, Toowoomba and down to Dubbo. Jason sees education as very important and applies it to the work he’s doing now.


Harmoni Dennis

Community Liaison Officer, Legal Aid NSW
Harmoni did all her schooling in Walgett saying how fantastic it was. There was so much to do. Now at Legal Aid NSW, Harmoni educates the local community around legal issues for better outcomes.


Debra Walford

Learning & Support Teacher K – 2, Walgett Community College Primary School
Debra lived on Namoi Reserve with her family and extended family for the first 14 years of her life. With no running water and no septic toilets in those days, there was a 44 gallon drum that was rolled down to the river, filled and rolled back up and used for cooking and cleaning the house.


Duncan Ward

Namoi House Case Worker, Mission Australia Walgett
Works with parolees and other homeless men at Namoi House to help support them and get them back to their family. His goal in life is just to live his life and help people.


Donna Dennis – Horan

Classroom Teacher/Relieving Assistant Principle, Walgett Community College Primary School
Ever since she can remember, Donna wanted to be a teacher. She went to the Catholic school and was inspired by her teacher. Aboriginal language is strong in Walgett but Donna believes, “we could make it stronger”.


Uncle Clem Dodd

Speaker/Elder for Dharriwaa Elders Group
Uncle Clem works with the Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) as a Speaker/Elder. He represents the DEG in meeting settings, community concerns and conferences regarding anything to do with language, culture and his people’s well-being. He enjoys going bush and finding native bush tucker. Uncle Clem remembers being taught this by his elders and passing this knowledge on to the young people today.


Auntie Fay Mary Green OAM

Aboriginal Educational Officer, Walgett St Joseph’s Catholic School
Aunty Fay grew up on Gingie Mission, just outside Walgett. The mission was controlled by the government, the mission manager. She went to school at Gingie and loved it. She finished her schooling at the age of 14 as this was the law. She was sent to work on a sheep station as a house maid.