My Country Your Country – Derby

A series of documentary films of First Nations people in Derby, WA, made by students from Derby District High School with the support of Show Me The Way.


Rona Charles

Rona belongs to the Mowenjum Community and her growing up was very different to now. She lived in a tin shack with 5 siblings and her parents. Her childhood was all about language but at the same time she went to Derby District High School. She had to walk in two ways, the Western way and Cultural way.


Basil Lawford

Basil grew up in Broome and Beagle Bay. When he left school he wasn’t doing much until an old guy said he knew his father and what was he doing. The comment made him want to work and eventually he became a builder. Basil has built houses all over Broome and now works for North Regional TAFE in Derby.


Janelle McKenzie

Janelle’s family is from Derby. She has two brothers and two sisters. She was always a top academic at school. When she fell pregnant she knew she had to do something to look after the baby. She continued to stay at school and at the same time work.


Trevor Menmuir and Trevor Menmuir jnr

Hunting, fishing and camping has always been a part of Derby. Trevor and Trevor junior take students on cultural experiences where they learn about making a boomerang, throwing a spear and hunting for goanna.


Owen Le Lievre

When Owen was young, sport was a social outlet where he could catch up with friends. He was engaged a lot in the rodeo and it kept him from the mischievous things that a lot of kids get up to. As he got older, sport became something he could use to relieve stress.


Kerry Smith

Kerry became a teacher because she wanted to make a difference. This was mainly for Indigenous students because academically they were behind the eight ball. Getting kids to be able to read and write is her goal.


Brianna Ozies

Brianna knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a doctor. She was motivated to do medicine because growing up she saw cousins and a lot of family members struggle with many health issues ranging from mental health, heart problems and diabetes.


Leon Khan

Being a Smoking Educator has opened so many doors for Leon. He’s also completed Health Worker training. It means going on to bigger and better things. Leon set up the West Kimberley Women’s Football League to get more females involved in healthy living. His family life is very busy, with seven children ranging from 7 to 23 years old.