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Stories from across Australia


Artist & Curator

Troy-Anthony Baylis

“Being an artist is the driving undercurrent of everything I do.” says Troy-Anthony Baylis. “It’s an amazing gift and it’s all derived from having an education.”


Commercial Banking

Lyza Rookes

Lyza is a Relationship Manager working in commercial banking. She’s been in the finance industry for seventeen years. When not at work she likes to regularly exercise at the gym.


Radio Station Manager

Leon Khan

Being a Smoking Educator has opened so many doors for Leon. He’s also completed Health Worker training. It means going on to bigger and better things. Leon set up the West Kimberley Women’s Football League to get more females involved in healthy living. His family life is very busy, with seven children ranging from 7 to 23 years old.



Stacy Campton

Stacey works in Canberra in a senior role in management. She is responsible for the delivery of funding for education around Australia. She loves her work and the challenges it brings.

Coffs Harbour


Alison Page

Alison Page studied Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is an ideal role model for all young people. She is energetic and enthusiastic about her chosen profession and has expanded her output to areas such as exhibition site design, public artworks and buildings.


High School Teacher

Tasha Meyering

Tasha loves her job and she doesn’t think she could do anything else. She says, “I like to be a PE teacher because it means I get to be outside and be active every day”. She gives back to the community through sports training and games on the weekend.


Beryl Carmichael

Born at Menindee Mission, everyone did things together. It made it a lot easier. No one was lonely and the Mission was everything to Beryl. She says, “We wouldn’t be here without the river. It’s the lifeblood of a nation”.


Aboriginal Language Teacher

Aunty Beth Wright

Aunty Beth is one of the first full time language teachers with TAFE. She was honoured with New South Wales Aboriginal Language Teacher of the Year Award for TAFE. She says the significance of language is the experience of learning new words every day.



Ashley Walker

Ashley is from La Perouse, NSW and works as a graduate for one of the best law firms around in Sydney’s CBD. Getting this job was for him a great success.